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CareXpress aims to provide the best “STEAM SPA” for your car at a time and location that is convenient to you 

“STEAM SPA” is a new concept brought by CareXpress to Tri-city – Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali besides Zirakpur – with the twin objectives of saving diminishing natural resource – Water – and also taking care of your car as also your health by removing Odor, Bacteria and other pollutants from the interior and exterior of your car through steam cleaning.

Before we go into the details of the new technology “STEAM SPA” we at CareXpress strive to provide all these services and more at a location convenient to you. 

Having worked in Japan for a considerable period of time, our Japanese work ethics give us the inspiration to thrive for excellence which sets us apart from our competitors. Check out the list of steam spa packages on our website and contact us on +91-7340-7340-00 or 9873-0969-25 to know more even as we have in the following lines tried to explain the new concept brought here for you by CareXpress.

Water is an essential commodity, and wasting 60-80 Liter water for a car wash doesn’t make sense in the 21st Century. 

Besides there is a long list of benefits of steam like Odor elimination (not just masking), Sanitizing nature, deep cleaning ability to name some, it is only "Natural" to use steam for cleaning rather than water. 

Using steam reduces the dependency of water by 80% for your car spa. This is a reason enough to switch to steam rather than water for your usual cleaning needs. 

A study wherein well known environmentalist Ms Jessica Shaw took part states that your car has 17,000 times more bacteria than your home (No there is no typo in the number!)!!.

The cup holder of your car which is one of the toughest places to clean has, on an average 228% more bacteria than the toilet seat! This number can be more if children travel in the car on a regular basis.

Normally car owners will get their vehicle cleaned from regular people who will put Shampoo (more chemicals!!) with high chemical content on the dashboard etc and clean it. By cleaning it with a simple cloth, the chemical will never be completely taken out and since they can put water, some chemical will always stay on your dashboard. 

This chemical when used in houses can be OK since the house is an open area. However inside a locked car that is standing outdoors, the temperatures can soar as high as 60-70 deg C. This results in the baking of chemical and a stronger bond with the dashboard and you will have that chemical for as long as you have that car! I’ll give you a moment to think it through!

The dashboard is an area that remains pre-dominantly dry, think about your AC vents which get water left in them due to condensation. The amount of bacteria, mold in this area is multi-fold as compared to the dashboard. When was the last time you got it cleaned? 

Bacteria, viruses, and mold may not be detectable and hence easily ignorable, but they are potentially some of the most hazardous pathogens that can result in irritations, allergies, and infections. 

Since steam has very less content of water, it is safe to be used on the inside of the car, as it will not harm your electrical, including your favorite music system. 

When steam cleaning is used, the tiny hot vapor molecules penetrate the pores of a surface, and as they come in contact with the cool surface of the pores, they expand and force all dirt, debris, and bacteria to the surface. Vapor molecules are so hot that they are not only able to extract pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella from surface pores, but also kill them. 

Good-bye infectious enemies and hello to a healthy & cleaner car! Add to this the convenience of getting the service done at home, and you get a winner. We at CareXpress promise you a first of its kind experience to remember which will also ensure better upkeep of your favorite car.

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